Broad Heath School

Broad Heath Primary School

Broad Heath Primary near Coventry has been a rapidly expanding state school with around 240 pupils. It has grown due to increased housing in the area as well as its excellent reputation and in 2000 moved from its original Victorian premises to a modern building with airy classrooms. However the pace of growth has not stood still and improvements have continued to be required. The school commissioned a new building from Rooms Outdoor in 2010 to be sited in the school garden and play area. The outside space at Broad Heath includes a special area called 'The Peace Garden' where children are able to sit quietly, read or chat. It was therefore important that the new school room was able to blend seamlessly into this environment.

To help the building fit with its natural surroundings Rooms Outdoor proposed a responsibly sourced Western Red Cedar cladding for the exterior. The timber framed sub structure provides high levels of insulation to minimise energy consumption by exceeding British standards for insulation. Safety and security for the school are also guaranteed with the layout and design including the glazing products having been designed to meet the police initiative 'Secured by Design', the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime'.

Specifications for the outdoor school room also include a WC and kitchen allowing it to be self-contained and the outside decked porch is both aesthetically attractive in the school grounds as well as offering a simple solution to accessibility requirements.

Planning permission was handled on behalf of Broad Heath by Rooms Outdoor and unlike some of the other school development work, completion was exceptionally fast due to the pre-assembly construction before work commenced, meaning workmen and materials were on onsite for as short a time as possible whilst the school was open.

Governors have been so impressed by the project that they now hold meetings in the room. Governors' meetings are only one of the likely uses of the new room and its multi-functional nature as classroom, small group session room and meeting space will be explored during the coming years.