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Plaster Render

Traditionally, render was made up of a simple sand and cement mix which was applied to substrates such as brick and blockwork to assist with waterproofing and to offer a more decorative external finish. Advancements in technology mean that traditional renders have come a long way since then. With the addition of specialist additives to the base materials, such as polymers, silicones, acrylics, aggregate reinforcements and anti-crack fibres, renders are a perfect, cost effective solution for a variety of external wall applications and can be applied either directly to the substrate, or alternatively applied as the final finish on an external wall insulation system.

The cement board (substrate) and plaster system we use has much better weathering properties than traditional block, sand/cement plaster finish. The final plaster coat has a through-colour (colour is through the plaster not on top) and is impervious to water, while the cementitious substrate is high-density with a fine aggregate concrete mix, giving it excellent weathering properties. It is up to 15 times more crack resistant than conventional cement-based renders.

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