The Cuberno is our most popular design of garden offices and studios. The design draws its inspiration from Le Corbusier.

Its basic shape and form hide the quite technical, detailed and challenging complexities which need to be overcome in order to achieve the contemporary look. An integrated covered deck area merges the outside space and the inside, providing a visual extension of the space in winter, and an actual extension for the remainder of the year. Smart, contemporary sliding doors and floor to ceiling glazing dissolve the boundaries between indoors and outdoors, integrating the space with the garden and flooding the internal space with natural daylight.


Designed specifically for the home worker and installed by our skilled crew in a matter of days, the Solo range of garden offices contain all the elements required to successfully work from home.The Solo is fully insulated, complete with toughened double-glazing, multi-point locking, lighting, heating, telephone and data points. This dedicated and self-contained workspace provides a private, warm and secure working environment. The Solo garden office is discreet and compact but floor to ceiling windows and doors set in the corner give it a light and airy feel. It is ideal for gardens where space is limited. Who says you have to work in a shed?


In response to clients' feedback, the Moderno was designed in 2004 and remains a popular choice with our clients. The metal-clad, angled roof fascia distinguishes the Moderno from the rest of the garden room pack. The considerable roof overhang has a dual function, providing shelter for the double door entrance and a sunscreen for the glazing, preventing glare and overheating in the summer. This is a design that makes a stylish impact whether set in capacious grounds or in the more modest proportions of a terrace back garden. The Moderno is a good choice for everyone who prefers simplicity and modern style. An elegant, modern structure, it achieves the delicate balance between form and function.


Inspired by the profoundly influential Bauhaus school of art, everything about our new Haus+ design embraces the movement's original ethos of unifying art, craft and technology and combines it with the practicality now required for 21st Century living. The expanse of horizontal glazing invites the garden panorama inside while bringing luminescence to the spacious lifestyle interior. The Modernist look is artfully captured through the shape of the fascia forming the façade. The Haus+ range of garden rooms is designed for people who like a lot of light and want to be close to nature.


The Shomera is our traditional range of garden lodges. Perfect as a garden office, garden studio, home gym or hobby room

Based on our original design created in 1998, the Shomera incorporates a double door, a floor to ceiling glazed corner feature, a desk height opening window and a profiled tile sheet pitched roof. The Shomera range of garden studios respond to the needs of locations that require a more traditional profile without losing the contemporary functionality that so distinguishes the Rooms Outdoor range. The vaulted ceiling and the use of floor-to-ceiling glass ensure that the Shomera range of garden studios enjoy the same light and airy feeling as the other models in our product range.


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