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James Tod

A couple whose house is frequently used for lifestyle magazine shoots were delighted to find that Rooms Outdoor could meet their exacting standards when it came to creating an inside/outside entertaining space at the end of their large West London garden.

James Tod, West End and Broadway show producer explains how he indulged in his passion for interior design in working with the Rooms Outdoor team to create his perfect garden room.

'With a garden that's over 100 ft long we were really looking to develop an entertaining space that would merge the boundary between inside and outside. I am an interior designer and it is an interest we both share, so the design of any addition to the house or garden was paramount. After we'd seen the Moderno design from Rooms Outdoor and discussed our needs with them we had no doubt that the team could provide us with exactly the look we wanted.

'At the design stage we specified folding/sliding doors and a large decked area to help merge the garden with the indoor space. We also needed the room to be fully insulated so that it could be used all year round but also so that I could use it as a peaceful retreat for escaping to read scripts without any distractions and phone interruptions. On a practical level the design was also able to incorporate some essential garden storage for all the equipment that comes with having a large garden.

'The way the Rooms Outdoor team completed the build was fabulous and exceeded our expectations. So often these days builders just seem to make holes in the ground and then disappear but with their team, the whole job was completed in two and a half weeks.

'As an added bonus we discovered that the components for creating the garden rooms are manufactured just down the road in London. It's so rare to get a product that comes from this country and it was a definite plus point for us as we are currently making efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and buy more ethically.

'The initial design has really inspired us to create something very special and we have a fantastic chandelier as well as downlighters which go on and off on a timer creating a lovely glow at the bottom of the garden which can be seen from the main house. It is beautiful to look at as well as live within.

'Having the garden room has also given another dimension to the house when it is being used for location shoots. The light in the room is great and the space is interesting. It captures just the sort of lifestyle look that magazines like to convey.

'This company really does create "rooms outdoor". They are in a completely different league to the competition and are coming in at a reasonable price point combined with great service.'

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