Waste Management


With approximately 70 per cent of the work taking place off-site, construction waste is kept to an absolute minimum. However, there will always be a certain amount of waste generated through packaging of materials and by the nature of some elements of the project such as plastering, foundation digging etc. All waste generated is removed from site at the end of the project. Soil, wood, plastic and metal is separated and recycled where possible.

We arrange and provide skip hire as required. Where possible we try to position skips off-road such as on your driveway. If there is no space off-road we will arrange an on-road skip permit from the local council. The cost of skip permits will be passed on to you. Permit charges vary and in some areas can include highways occupancy charges and/or parking fees. Surprisingly, there is no standardised system - different councils have different rules. If this all sounds a bit complex, don't worry we take care of it for you. On-road skips are covered at night and for safety are fitted with amber flashing lights.

Some of our clients contract us to demolish existing structures to make space for the new garden room. Each year we demolish and remove many old sheds, concrete garages and garden buildings, some of these contain asbestos in the roof sheeting. Where appropriate we use a specialist contractor to ensure the work is carried out in a safe manner and in compliance with relevant health and safety and environmental standards. Asbestos-containing materials are carefully removed, packaged appropriately and labelled, specialist skips are hired and the offending material is disposed of at an approved facility.