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Decking options for our garden studios

Our standard decking material is Yellow Balau. It is a tropical hardwood which is deemed as a heavy hardwood, therefore is commonly used for decking. The appeal of Yellow Balau lies in its naturally rich, deep colours that weather over time to develop a beautiful warmth and character.

Initially the colour of the boards will vary from a light to mid-brown. When exposed to the elements, the decking will turn to a silver-grey patina over time. It is naturally resistant to fungal growth and offers naturally superior levels of durability and wear resistance. Yellow Balau has a life span of about 20-30 years. In comparison to other species, Yellow Balau has only a small tendency of warping or twisting and therefore is very adaptable to our changeable weather conditions. Customers should note that some pin worm will be visible in this decking product but this is not detrimental to the structure of the timber and is accepted within this type of timber.
The decking comes complete with a pressure treated softwood frame sub structure which is bedded into concrete foundation pads. The decking boards are smooth faced and have eased corners. They are fixed to the sub frame using counter sunk stainless steel screws. A small drainage gap is allowed between boards. We cover the ground under the deck with a geo textile landscape fabric to help prevent perennial weeds growing through the drainage gaps in the deck.
To preserve and enhance the beauty of the decking we strongly advise our customers to maintain their Yellow Balau deck on a regular basis with a timber oil preservative such as Cutex CD50 which is designed to penetrate deeply into any species of timber including hardwood to provide water repellency, and assist with dimensional stability. Future recoat preparation consists of a simple wash-down of the timber, rather than conventional sanding or stripping, resulting in significant savings in ongoing maintenance costs and time.

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