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Through the process of design, development and continuous improvement Rooms Outdoor has earned a solid reputation as a leading supplier of Garden Rooms which have a superior technical specification.

The company has a strong research and development policy and this has resulted in the production of many unique products. The professional engineering qualifications and international experience in product design and development of the management team are the backbone of this policy. Our fresh innovative approach to design means our products include a wide range of sophisticated components, cleverly incorporated through considerable technical expertise and design skills, to enhance both their performance and visual appearance. Full use has been made of the latest materials and manufacturing technology. We source the best building components available, as a result some are designed and manufactured in Germany, Switzerland and other Central European countries. Quality materials and British manufactured components are sourced locally where appropriate. All components are carefully chosen and rigorously tested - as you'd expect from a company with a reputation for quality. Our relentless drive for continuous improvement gives you the peace of mind, that Rooms Outdoor provide designs whose performance will live up to the unique demands of the British climate, now and long into the future.