Standard roof fascias design of our garden rooms

Stylish powder-coated aluminium roof fascias are provided as standard on our buildings. This provides the roof fascias and soffits with excellent weathering protection. As the soffits and fascias are the most vunerable part of a building and are usually one of the first elements to deteriorate, we believe this is a very important feature of our product specification.

Because they are powder coated, they are maintenance-free and will not change colour keeping your building looking new and crisp for years to come. Our standard colour is silver grey which contrasts beautifully with the timber cladding and the window and doors. We offer timber clad fascias as an option.
The underside of our roof overhangs are clad with external grade timber to match the walls. This is also an important weathering detail, as the OSB sheeting used on SIP panels which some companies leave exposed is not designed for external use.