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Integral Blinds

Protect your privacy with integral blinds in your garden room

Maintenance-free, dust-free, allergy-free, assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazing cavity, providing sun shading and improving the u-value of the glazing units. We have enhanced our current product range with the introduction of integrated blinds - a cost-effective and innovative optional product feature that our customers just love.

A superb solution, the Integrated Venetian Blind is produced with slimline aluminum slats (12.5mm) which are hermetically sealed within the airtight double glazed cavity. They make a positive contribution to improving the energy efficiency, light and acoustic performance of our Garden Studios, providing comfort, elegance and style. For the ultimate unobtrusive look, they offer the perfect answer to blinds in windows and doors including patio, sliding and bi-fold doors that are subject to direct sunlight or require privacy. Available upon request.


S156 Dark Silver
S157 Pale Silver
S155 Dark Grey