Technical - Rainwater Goods

Technical Rainwater Goods

Rainwater goods systems for garden rooms

Black PVC guttering and a downpipe connected to a local soakaway (French drain) is provided as standard. A soakaway is a hole in the ground filled with gravel, when the drain is working the water runs into the soakaway and over a few hours soaks into the surrounding ground soil.

If you live in an area where the land does not drain freely, we can upon request and at additional cost, provide a Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUD) attenuation cell. These are specially manufactured modular grids which create a void space within a lightweight structure that is buried under the ground. This rainwater is stored, then gradually released back into the ground, at a pace the ground can handle. Surplus rainwater is stored until the ground is ready and able to absorb it.
We aim to help you benefit by saving rainwater from your own roof. If you have the space available in your garden we can, upon request and additional cost, provide you with a water butt helping you to make better use of the world's most precious resource and help you through an unexpected dry spell - a personal water supply can help get you through the highs and lows even if the water companies can't.