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Garden rooms heating and cooling solutions

Underfloor heating

For an even and gentle source of warmth, we can install thermostatically controlled electric underfloor heating as an optional extra. The technologically advanced carbon film underfloor heater system is energy efficient and provides a safe, even distribution of floor heat. Completely unseen, the heating panels are thermostatically controlled to warm the floor surface up to a maximum of 26.5ºC/85ºF. Underfloor heating can be used as the primary heating source or simply to warm the floor providing background heating. Being electric, with no moving parts, electric underfloor heating is completely maintenance free.

The system is controlled by a simple to operate wall-mounted digital thermostat, providing you with maximum flexibility and control to suit your requirements. Air and floor temperature sensors regulate heat output to maximise comfort. The intelligent controller analyses the past performances of each heating cycle and, based on results, it optimises the commands sent to the heating system. This regulation minimises temperature variations, maximises comfort and improves the energy efficiency of the system. The controller offers full 24-hour control, 7 days a week, with simple manual override functions. The undefloor heating circuit is RCD (residual current device) protected for safe operation.

Underfloor heating tests a wood floor to its limits by in essence turning it into a large radiator. In such conditions non-engineered (solid) wood or poor-quality laminate flooring products regularly fail. We provide as standard a correctly engineered floor which is specifically designed for use with electric underfloor heating.

Under tiled floors, we use a different heating system called "Loose Wire". It is designed for use with stone or ceramic tiles only. The system uses a 2mm, ultra-thin, dual-core heating element. The small cross-section of the element allows it to be installed without raising floor levels as it sits within the tile adhesive between the subfloor and the tiles.

Electric convector heater

A fully programmable thermostatically controlled electric convector heater, which can be wall mounted or left freestanding, is supplied as standard.
Electric underfloor heating and climate control is available upon request as an optional extra.



Climate control

We can, upon request and additional cost, supply and fit a wall mounted climate control indoor/outdoor split system with remote control. This unit heats, cools, dehumidifies and filters the air providing a versatile, yet affordable solution to ensure a comfortable environment.

Increasingly aware of the importance of protecting the environment, the unit uses the (ozone friendly) refrigerant with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential). The air filtering system helps to improve air quality and prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.