Technical - Ventilation

Technical Ventilation

Ventilation systems for your garden studio

Contaminants such as formaldehyde or radon can accumulate in poorly ventilated garden buildings causing health problems, and moisture can lead to mould growth and cause damages in your garden room. Air leaks and gaps were the traditional ways of supplying fresh air to rooms. They acted like vent openings, contributing to the ventilation needs.

Our garden buildings are so well insulated and airtight that they have eradicated air leaks so we provide natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation where required in all our garden studios. To contribute to the thermal comfort and quality conditions of the internal air in your garden studio, passive ventilation is provided using a permavent. Purge ventilation is provided using the opening windows. When we install a shower or utility room, mechanical ventilation is provided in the form of an electrical extractor fan which is controlled using the light switch of the room concerned.

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