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Garden rooms walls

Using modern and advanced construction technology, the walls are multilayered (up to 10 layers) which gives them excellent insulation and weathering properties. The core of our walls is based on SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). The panels are made up of an energy-efficient foam core, enclosed in a high-density OSB sandwich. The foam core provides super thermal insulation, while the exterior OSB skins account for the high tensile and compressive strength. This superior thermal performance of our SIPs significantly reduces heating and cooling costs, limits air infiltration and creates a quiet draught free interior. The sealed nature of a SIPs structure has significant noise transfer reduction qualities

The panels are manufactured off site in a factory controlled environment under stringent manufacturing conditions using modern state of the art computer controlled machinery. The panels are incredibly strong and can be used for both the load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls.
To provide optimum levels of climate control, water resistance and breathability, the SIPs are covered in a breathable membrane quilt. This layer works in a similar manner to a waterproof jacket. The pores in the membrane are about 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water, which means no external moisture can penetrate the membrane. On the other hand the pores in the membrane are 700 times BIGGER than a water vapour molecule. This means that water vapour can easily pass through the membrane allowing the structure to breath. Pressure treated battens are used to create a vented cavity behind the timber cladding which is Western Red Cedar or French Douglas.
Battens are fitted to the internal side of the SIP, this creates a service cavity for electric and data cables etc which are concealed within the structure. The interior walls are dry lined with moisture-resistant foil backed plasterboard. This is skim coated to provide a smooth seamless finish which we decorate with two coats of white matt emulsion.
Decorated, stylish and practical square edge skirtings are fitted where walls meet floors. Apart from adding a stylish visual look to your room, they protect walls from everyday wear and tear and scuffs. Decorated architraves are fitted as required around window and door openings.